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If you'd like to skip our home page for now, so you can enjoy "Awesome Entertainment" By PANDAMAN - The "Master Of Voice-o-nality"... Click On Any PANDAMAN PALACE Link And Enjoy Your Visit at PANDAMAN PALACE - Entertainment Castle! Awesome Showcases & Free Ent Are In "The Theater!"
May The VOICE-O-NALITY Be With You!!!

BTW... If Anyone Is Wondering What The 'V' Word Means? Here's One Meaning...
 Derived From These 2 Words...  
"Voice& "Personality" - Something That PANDAMAN® Offers A Lot Of! 
And, If Ya Wanna Know Who PANDAMAN Really Is? Just Click PANDAMAN® !


"Absolute Awesome" Showcases Are Here!
2015 marks The 25th Anniversary of "The Voice-O-NalityShow,"AAE's 1st "Special Broadcast" Which Aired On PANDAMAN's Very First Radio Show He Called "The Suppertime Show!"
To Celebrate These Anniversaries: A "Show of Showcases" & Tribute To Those Shows!

The 'V' Show Features PANDAMAN & The Pandaman Twins (aka The PANDAMAN Clan)
In Their 1st 'Online' Showcase Featuring: PANDAMAN Ace Originals, Tributes and



Originally, PANDAMAN PALACE Was An Imaginary Castle;
One, that Pandaman (supposedly) was broadcasting his radio shows from.
But As They Say? "Fake It Till Ya Make It" And "Build It & They Will Come"...
Now; It Indeed 
"IS" a Castle and "They Are a Comin!" To The Real Pandaman Palace!
Ok, Ok, so it's only an animated castle! But It "
IS" a Castle!!! And "You All Are Invited!"
"Click On The Pic Below" for some "Absolute Awesome" FREE Castle Entertainment!!!


"The Absolute Awesome Entertainment Castle!"


Who Are The PANDAMAN Clan?
They are a "Family Of Pandaman Performers - Featuring...
PANDAMAN & his two sons (The Pandaman (Jet Born) Twins),
Both, with a serious case of the PPD (Pandaman Personality Disorder)!
Along with their Pop, they are all known as "The PANDAMAN Clan!"

What is The PPD?

It's a combo of ADD, OCD & MPD, which caused The Pandaman Twins
  [Stephano & Stephen] to create some xtra Pandaman Performing Personalities
Who are all going to be competing with each other in "The Voice-o-nality Show!!!
  The MPD is fictional however, for the Absolute Awesome Entertainment Experience!      
What Kind of Entertainment Do They Offer?

If you like music, comedy, stories & "Awesome Impressions"
  And you'd also
like something new in Home Entertainment?
Then we've got something "Absolute Awesome" for you!

And It's Coming To...
("The-Absolute"Awesome"Entertainment Castle!")


"My Vision"
 To share my songs, stories & shows (and some Awesome Impressions) "with all the world"
To Keep The Late Great Mel Blanks... Danny Gans... And Rich Little's Spirits Alive
And (Of Course) Ed Sullivan, Elvis, Frank, Dean, The Beatles & many more too!
To kick things off, we've added some videos in The Theater!
Simply Click On ACTS I...
II... III and V, Of "The Voice-o-nality Show!"
Just Scroll Down & Click On Each ACT! They're In The Theater Now!! 

Don't Forget To Come Back.... And Visit Each Year...
To Celebrate Christmas... And The Happy New Year!

Just Click On The Theater... For Awesome Showcases...
We'll Build The Shows... And Put Smiles On Your Faces!

"In Closing"
"We Thank You All Very Much For Visiting Today!"
And Look Forward To Serving You In The Future!

P.S. So Many Folks Visited This Site That It Broke The Counter!!!!
You Too... Have Now Been "Voice-o-nalitized!"

May De Peace'a And De-Voice'a...
Be With'a You!!!

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