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The PANDAMAN® Story: An Absolute Awesome Super Hero Story!{Based On True Facts}...
Please Forgive Me for not knowing I accidentally published this page while working on it! It was a real mess. I'm sorry! Below is an "Introduction” to an Absolute Awesome Super Hero Story that I used to share on the airwaves many years ago. But, after years of radio shows, songwriting, online showcases (etc.) sidetracking me, and, with all that would be needed for "The PANDAMAN Story" to become a super hero film, comic book or animated short film (my latest planned goal)...
I realized that, a
n animated short is the best way to go. But how that too, would have to sit on the back burner awhile also. 

Since it's going to be a while before "Pandaman Palace Showcases" are all filled up and, "Original Songs" are available...    And, before The PANDAMAN Story transforms from it's original radio show story format into a short film or whatever...
Here's a couple Log-lines (intros/adds to advertise the film) And an Intro to Episode 1 of "The PANDAMAN Story!"

Logline 1:
After a bazaar accident/near death experience, a little boy is revived, but not without complications!
Logline 2: A story about a little boy and his wish to be a comic book super hero! And, how a bizarre accident/near death experience "becomes the reason" that Petey P. Gets His Wish! 

THE PANDAMAN STORY! Based On True Facts; this is a story about Petey P. - who, since a young boy; Always wanted to be a comic book super hero! Well, after a bazaar accident and a near death experience,
Petey P. is given a blood transfusion that contains "A Virus!" One, that after laying dormant for 35 years, finally awakens!" And "that's when it all hits the fan and, Lil Petey P. "Finally Gets His Wish!

Here's a small introduction to PART 1
[Episode 1]: "THE ACCIDENT!"
Once Upon A Long Time Ago, w
hen Petey P. was just a young boy of just barely 5 yrs. old...
He comes home from the hospital [immediately after a tonsillectomy] and, everything appears to be just fine!! At least until after "a sneeze" tears his stiches open which, causes him to start hemorrhaging to death!" 

After he's rushed to the hospital, is De fibrillated, revived and is given a complete blood transfusion...
Petey P. gets a "2nd chance at life!" 
However, while trying to save him... "There Was a 2nd Accident!"
During the panic, a nurse grabs 5 bags of blood from "the wrong shelf" of the fridge! Or was it the right shelf?
Maybe she knew exactly what she was doing when she grabbed blood that had been drawn from her friend...
[a certain "super hero"] who donates a little ["super"] blood now & then, to help her heal deathly patients!!
Maybe she also knew that, his super blood's" DNA could also not only, help to save the lives of dying patients, but that, it could help change the letters of a DNA sequence or gene which, 
along w/other awesome properties [that acts like a catalyst in a fusion"Allows Drs. to mix several types of blood together "with no problem"  And,"With Absolute Awesome Miraculous Results!" However, sometimes, "Mistakes Can & Do Happen!"

But, as we journey into the story a bit deeper, I think we'll all see that, this mistake "happened for a reason
Which in this case, is a mistake that ends up causing "The Creation of an Absolute Awesome Super Hero!"
We're just not really sure how it was that the nurse ended up with a bag of "panda blood" from the cooler!.
Oops, I forgot to mention that part didn't I?
 So... Why was there "panda blood" 
in the cooler at the hospital?"

It seems that the Asian Surgeon was also "a Vet" who brought back the blood from 2 "twin pandas" in China! And, he was storing it in the cooler, till he could get it to the local zoo, to have some on hand for the pandas.
But, it looks like the panda blood didn't quite make it into the zoo!" But it sure did make it into Petey P.!!!
And That's How THE PANDAMAN STORY All Began, For Lil Petey P... "
Who Later Grew Up To Be"...
"An Absolute Awesome Super Hero!"

Welp, I hope ya liked Episode 1 Pt 1. An Introduction to "THE PANDAMAN STORY!" Remember...
is just a short story/intro from the original story on PANDAMAN's Radio Shows back in the 90s which, we've left out lots of details on. But we'll add them to the script for the film when we get it off the back burner "one of these ole days!" BTW: If the story ever does make it to film or film channel? As stated, it'll probably be a short film! Unless, We Get a Call From MARVEL?
So, Wish Us Luck! And check back for more of; 

An Absolute Awesome Super Hero Story!

Here's a quick intro to Episode II:
In Part 2: After Petey P. is revived and comes home, things once again seem to be ok [for awhile anyway!].
At least until he starts growing up & tries to be like everyone else - only to find out he's NOT Like Them!
Sure, he tries to be like all the other kids and do all the things they all seem to be doing! However...
It Just Never Works Out! Because Petey P. has "The Curse! aka "The Curse Of "THE AWFULNESS!"
Can He Break The Curse? And, Somehow Turn "THE AWEFULNESS" Into "THE AWESOMENESS?"

P.S. It Sure Would Be Nice If "MARVEL COMICS" Did help us to make PANDAMAN All He Could Be!
Because, in to
day's Super Hero world, we need an AWESOME HERO! And PANDAMAN STORIES Definitely Offer That!

No, he doesn't fight off the "Big Bad Monsters" that are out to kill us! Or even "The Aliens" out to abduct us!

Nope! I'm Talkin About "REAL LIFE PROBLEMS & SITUATIONS!" That We All Need Help With...

Things Like I.E. - "Our Problems With "Drinking & Drugging {& Texting} While Driving!" 

Please Think! And Please Drive Safely! Before It's Too Late!

Thank You All For Joining Us! ~ "PANDAMAN®"
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