Presents: "PANDAMAN PALACE" - The 'Absolute Awesome' Entertainment Castle! Featuring: "Award Winning" Entertainers & "Absolute Awesome Shows" For Free!

Where will your products be sold?
All of our future products will eventually be listed here, then sold on our store page!
Products will be introduced at AbsoluteAwesome.com sometime in the future!

When do you think products will come?
In all honesty, since there's so much to do, in preparing for marketing products;
It's real hard to say at this point - "but", with a step at a time, we will get-er-done!
  Currently, we have alot on our plate, with preparing our audio & video studios &  
  with getting all the websites right & all the material for our future products plus...
we also have lots of work involving all the FREE entertainment that's coming!
But... if I really had to guess, I'd say about 2 to 3 years for any kind of sales.
Right now, we're just focusing more on bringing you lots of Free stuff!

 Later on, after construction is done on the new recording studio,
And, after we get the rest of the recording equipment needed;
We'll Getta Crackin on those Absolute Awesome Products!

What type of products will you have?
Most of our products will be music, but we also have something really cool
 for your cellphones, landlines, email services & even your website too!  
At this point; we'll just say that - It's an Absolute Awesome Product...
That will make you a STAR; In The Ears Of Everyone - Featuring...
 "VOICEMAILA" - Your New Way To Convey!

While we're all waiting...
Check out "Our Theatre" at Pandaman Palace... for an up-coming story or song!
Once we get rolling (with a song at a time) We'll build you a show before long!
(More information coming to the AbsoluteAwesome.com website)!

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