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Pandaman's Voice Over Page

"Pandaman's Voice Over Page"

Our Absolute Awesome Pandaman Voice Overs will soon list down below.
Right now, we're working on our showcases for The Theater! But soon;
We'll pull a few voiceovers out of the hat & post em below for ya!

Our Upcoming Voice Overs will all be performed by...
PANDAMAN®A Master Impressionist & Master Voice Over!
His "Awesome Voice Overs" & "Awesome Impressions" are some of
The "Best Voice Overs" & "Best Impressions" You Have Ever Heard! 
But, Most Of These, Are The Awesomest Singing Impressions that,
you'll have to check out in his "up-coming shows at Pandaman Palace!"
You can also catch a story there; with lots of Hollywood Impressions!

We have a few impressions of the X Presidents below, which,
I threw into a song I wrote many years ago, as a tribute at war-time!
 It was rushed, so I didn't have time to study the X President voices much.
So, I just kina punched em out! But I think they're not too bad considering!
Go Ahead... Have Fun... Push The Button & Play! I Dare Ya!

Pandaman's X-Presidents, Famous Cartoonies & Others To List Here!

Pandaman's Radio, TV & Movie Star Impressions To List Under Here!

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