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Acousti-Christmas Show

Welcome To...
The Ho Ho Ho "Christmas Bonus Show"

A Strange Way To Save The World!
This was Pandaman's very 1st time singing solo for his Church's Christmas Show.
P.S. I finally managed to find the original sound track file & "fix the volume!" 

"The MosWonderful Time Of ThYear" 
(Featuring a Few Famous "Special Guests!")

A Classic Music Medley/Tribute!
This one is not exactly what you'd call a Christmas Song
But does share a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Messages!

Please Bare With Us While We Build Our Upcoming Showcases & Shows!
And Please Check Back Each Year To See What We've Added To Our Showcases! 

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May All Of You Have A Very Very  "Merry Christmas"  And   
"The Happiest Healthiest & "Awesomest" New Year Ever!"
Well, At Least Till Next Year Comes! ;)

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