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PANDAMAN PALACE Entertainment Castle & Theater Presents: "Absolute Awesome" Entertainment!

. FEATURING: PANDAMAN PALACE - Entertainment Castle! .

Act 2 - The Side Dish

ACT II: The Southern Side Dish! Aka...
"The Absolute Awesome Acousti-Country Showcase!"
 For Starters... 
Here's a Medley Of Some FAV Country Cover!"
We Call This "THE OPENER!"

Here's Pandaman's First Original Music Video/Tribute
Written & Dedicated To His Sister Cindy (Aka Cinful), Who
Died of a Cancerous Brain Tumor Just Shortly After Turning 50.
The Video Is Also Dedicated To Anyone Else Who Lost A Friend, 
Or Loved One To Cancer. As Well As Anyone Suffering With Cancer.


"LOVE BOMBS" A Tribute & Song For Peace!
This is a Tribute To The Poor Hearts & Souls Who Were Killed
In School Shootings, Massacres, Bombings and/or Wars.
It Is Also Dedicated To The Friends & Family
Whose Loved Ones Were Taken Away!
And To All Students & Others
Injured or Traumatized!

Here's a Rare Clip And "CBS NEWS SPECIAL"

Featuring: PANDAMAN ('Unmasked').
In His Big Debut On TV!

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