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Award Winning Tributes By Entertainment Hall Of Famer PANDAMAN (And the Pandaman Clan!) And FREE Upcoming Holiday Show!

Awesome Castles

WELCOME TO "AWESOME CASTLES!" Pics Will Come, but, until we can research which castle pics are royalty free... 
In the meantime... till we can get to that... How's about us telling you about Our Own "Awesome Castle?" Ok, It's Called   "THE ABSOLUTE AWESOME ENTERTAINMENT CASTLE" Aka "PANDAMAN PALACE!" It's a Rook Type Castle  Where, PANDAMAN & The Pandaman Clan Live & Perform "Absolute Awesome Castle Entertainment" FOR FREE!"
Thus, The Reason It's Called "THE ABSOLUTE AWESOME ENTERTAINMENT CASTLE!" And it's here at this site!

So... How About An Animated Medieval Castle & Theater Offering Real Live, "Awesome Castle Entertainment?" B/c... That's What We'd Love To Share With You Today! Ok? Ok! So Welcome "All Ye Medieval Castle Loving Fans" To... 
"PANDAMAN PALACE" AKA "THE ABSOLUTE AWESOME ENTERTAINMENT CASTLE!" The AAE Castle Will Soon Be Serving Up Lots Of Awesome Tributes, Awesome Impressions, Stories, Music & More!" And Always For Free!"
For now, while we're working on our Absolute Awesome Audio Visual Adventures; Click Pandaman Palace link below and Enjoy a Journey of... "Medieval Times" & "Cool Animation!" & "Awesome Entertainment" For "Absolute Sensation"...

Please Know That, We've Only Just Begun! And, After Our 1st New "Online Showcases For Free" Are Introduced To You [This Christmas of 2015 God Willing]; We'll Be Back With More Awesome Tributes & PANDAMAN Originals!
Again, These New "Online Showcases Will All Be Free!" [Feature An Introduction By King Arthur Himself] ARE FREE!
It's 5... 5... 5 Shows In One... With Music & Comedy & Lots of Fun!! Our Absolute Awesome Showcases Are A Tribute To PANDAMAN's Previous Radio Shows Which Used To Broadcast "LIVE FROM PANDAMAN PALACE!" Well Ok...
Back Then, PANDAMAN Was Broadcasting From An "Imaginary Castle!" But, The Awesome Entertainment Was Real! 

And now, You Can Visit "The Absolute Awesome Entertainment Castle" Aka "PANDAMAN PALACE" Which BTW... Back In The Day, Was Also Nicknamed "THE ABSOLUTE AWESOME CASTLE OF CRAMALOT!"  Or For Short... Just  "THE CASTLE OF CRAMALOT!"  Why Did We Name It That? B/C Of All The Awesome Entertainment...
 That PANDAMAN Always Crammed Into It!" Ha Ha Ha Ha... He He Heeeee!!!

In Closing: We Thank You For Your Visit! Even If You Somehow, Just Stumbled Across Our Site While Looking For The Awesome Castles We Love! Good Luck With Your Search For Awesome Castles! We Hope Ya Find Ours Awesome Too!
And Don't Forget The Awesome Upcoming Showcases, Tributes & "Absolute Awesome Impressions" [In "The V Show!"] ~ PANDAMAN's Awesome New "
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