Presents: "PANDAMAN PALACE" - The 'Absolute Awesome' Entertainment Castle! Featuring: "Award Winning" Entertainers & "Absolute Awesome Shows" For Free!

 <title>"Absolute Awesome" Entertainment - Presents: "PANDAMAN PALACE" - The 'Absolute Awesome' Entertainment Castle!, "Award Winning" Entertainers &"Absolute Awesome Shows" for Free!</title> 
"Absolute Awesome" Entertainment (For Free?) 
YES! Castle Entertainment... Lights & Great Sounds... Music & Comedy (& Even a Clown!) 
Stories & Impressions & A Christmas Show Too! But No Need To Worry... It's All Free To You! 

And It's All Coming To...
(The "Absolute Awesome" Entertainment Castle)

""Castle Entertainment" 
(Fit For A King & Queen!)

Click On "The Lobby" (For Coming Attractions)
Click On 
"The Theater"
To Enjoy A Show!)

And Visit Us Again
... For Awesome Showcases!
We'll Build The Shows... And Put Smiles On Your Faces!

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