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(Featuring a Music Video & Tribute By PANDAMAN)
The Page (& music video shown below) is mainly...
"A Tribute To Cindy!" (Pandaman's Sis). But also
 "A Tribute To All Who Are Suffering From Cancer;"
"A Tribute To All Who Have Suffered From Cancer;" 
"A Tribute To All Who Have Lost The Battle With Cancer!" 
"A Tribute To All Who Have Lost Friends and Loved Ones To Cancer!"


For all who didn't have the pleasure of knowing Cindy...
Cindy aka "Cinful;" was a Very Loving, Caring, Giving, Beautiful & Very Special Person; Who had just turned 50 years old! While planning her wedding; she was sadly, diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor and, given only months to live!

I just don't know how she did it, but, "she handled it amazingly well!" And, she fought real hard and gave it her best! And, she left us with what I call... "Her Grand Finale!"
This, was an Awesome Display of Strength & Courage & Willpower; but "No Different" than what she'd "Always Shared With Us!" I just really cannot believe she's gone now.
However... Her Loving Memories Will "Always Be Strongly In Our Hearts & Minds!"

Thank You Cindy "For All You Were To Us All" What a Very Special Person That Was!!
Till We See You Again Sweetheart... We Love You With All Our Hearts!
And, as much as we miss Cindy (and other friends & loved ones taken b/c of cancer);
At least, there is some comfort knowing they are No Longer Sick, Suffering and Sad!"
With Compassion & Love... I AM VERY SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS!


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