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"PANDAMAN" -  The Master Of "Voice-nality" aka...

"Pandaman's Biography"

tephano Christophero (Stephen Christopher) 
A writer, performer & producer who was born in Alabama
 With a Banjo ["NOT"] On His Knee, But Rather...
With An  "Absolute Awesome" Set Of 
Pandaman Platinum Pipes!

After his childhood years in Alabama; he & his family moved up north to Maryland. While living there, starting at age 12, he first began his musical career as a drummer/singer, who then continued as a front-man/singing impressionist, performing for some of Maryland's finest rock & top 40 bands.


In the 70s: After returning home with some health problems that, he'd brought back home from overseas [during the Viet Nam Era]; He eventually was able to recieve some treatments  and ended up enrolling at The 
Broadcast Institute of MD! After School....

He began volunteering at a local radio station where, he started writing & producing commercials, jingles & shows and, running a small advertising business which, led to him writing commercials & doing voice-overs for National Acts...
like Yanni, Martina McBride, David Copperfield & others,
as well as for some of USA's Biggest Theaters & Resorts!

As a Radio Announcer/Voice-Over and Voice Impressionist;
Pandaman's impressions & Voice-overs have aired on nearly every FM station in MD. As well as in several other states in the USA!
Pandaman is a Master of Voice!  He celebrates 4 decades as an  Impressionist and nearly 15 years as a Voice Over (as mid 2000).

As an Impressionist & "Voice-Over Master," he can do not only,
"Awesome Impressions" and... "Some Of The Best Impressions"
of Famous Radio, TV & Movie Stars, X Presidents & Cartoons
[I.E. Best Original Mickey, Bugs, Popeye, Kermit & Others!]...
 But, Many Of "The Best Singing Impressions Anywhere

A Master MC, Voice Over & Impressionist
"The Absolute Awesomest Impressionist"
"The Godfather of Impressions"

"The Master of Voice-o-nality!"

PANDAMAN has won various contests & competitions, winning him prizes & awards for voiceovers, impressions singing & writing.
One was a National Competition for his Voice & Writing Skills!  As a musician, singer, songwriter & announcer, he has also offered quite a lot of support out in communities throughout Maryland, performing lots of benefits and gratis type services for the elderly and the disabled as well as, for churches & various organizations. He has performed for a Senator Elect Campaign, and for various radio stations throughout the state of Maryland and for our country. A few of his awards are shown over to the right.
One of these include a Governor's Citation.

With many of his own "original" voice creations, one of his dreams, is for someone in Hollywood to listen to a few of  his 'original' voice-overs (coming to our voice-over page later on); And hire him to do at least one of his animated character voices on the silver screen! Hopefully, this will happen before he dies.

However, singing impressions & his own songs are his big priority!
Aside from a Hollywood dream of being an animated voice over;
There are a couple other Pandaman Dreams. One, was having his own record label [Absolute Awesome Entertainment Has Begun!] And, to record & share his songs & impressions with the world!
And, to make his mark as the "Best Singing Impressionist" and "Best Crooner" ever heard on  the web! And, do all he can to "Help Save The Panda!" This, seems to be going a bit slow...
But we're on the right track and "It's Going Okay So Far!"


Following The Dream...
In pursuit of writing & performing songs, stories & shows...
PANDAMAN created a few characters for his upcoming shows Which, he then began sharing, in his first variety show in the 80s.

The "Absolute Awesome" Show
 (a variety show in the 80s);
was his 1st "Absolute Awesome" show aka a Sing-n-
Tell-aShow!" Since then, he's created a few more of these for radio & stage!
The Suppertime Show & The Voice-nality Show are a couple! 
He named them this B/c, "He Sings Ya Songs... Tells Ya Stories... And Then Shows Folks An "Absolute Awesome" Time!!

To offer folks a bit of variety & culture and to make it interesting...
He likes to blend in some of his "Italian roots" with his crooning! But he also adds his country roots as a country singer songwriter which is what led to him creating - "The PANDAMAN Twins!"

Uses the "Italian Translation" of his real Italian name...
Stephano Christophero" Is The Italian MC, who introduces his PANDAMAN Alter Personalities AKA The PANDAMAN Clan!
His first alter is an "Absolute Awesome" Singing Impressionist"  Performing Many Of Our Favorite "Big Band Classics!"

[Uses the "American Translation" of his name]...
Stephen Christopher [Stephano's Twin] - Is an All American Country Boy Singer Songwriter w/some "Awesome Originals!" And yeah, he too, has an alter personality! But this guys is
"An Absolute Awesome Singing Impressionist" who loves
performing his 
"Classic Rock" Covers & Tributes! 


After years of storytelling & clowning in the 1980s and after becoming/penning the name Impressionistic Storyteller;
He shared his Impressionistic Stories in comedy clubs and various night clubs throughout The State of Maryland

long w/all the funny stuff, during the 90's (in radio shows)... PANDAMAN began focusing on more serious issues like drinking & driving, offering support & adds for MADD & SADD during "Special Broadcasts" [ex: "The Voice-o-nality Show!"].

A few classic stories offered a few Absolute Awesome Adventures Featuring PANDAMAN and his Absolute Awesome Characters! All of AAE's "Absolute Awesome" Adventures of Pandaman...
Were Created By "Absolute Awesome" Entertainment/AAE! 

In THE ADVENTURES OF PANDAMAN, he introduced his "Super Hero Side Kick" AKA "Peter Peter Panda Bear"...
Super Hero Purpose & Goal Is...
Fighting Crime & Helping Folks...
The "Absolute Awesome" Way!

Whether stage show or radio show & online shows [on the way]; Pandaman always offered awesome impressions, music, poetry,  And a great story which, always had  a good message in the mix! And always w/a good theme & purpose of bringing family together And (mostly) Just Wanting To "HELP FOLKS FEEL BETTER!"
During some of his stage shows, PANDAMAN also offered a Ventriloquist Act w/his Super Hero Side Kick Panda Too!

PANDAMAN & AAE's "Super Hero Panda-Type Characters"

Are All Created And Owned, By PANDAMAN & AAE... "ABSOLUTE AWESOME"™ Entertainment!

Was Created "Long Before A Kung Fu Panda Ever Was!"
As far as we know, he's the 1st Ventriloquist w/a 'dummy' who could do "Absolute Awesome" Impressions! No Punn Intended!

On Stage & Radio Experience
As MC/Front-Man &Actor/Singer/Vegas Type Crooner for an
"All Female Showgirl Dance Line;" He's Performed 'On Broadway' Stage Shows For Director John Brock; who studied w/Bob Fawsy
& directed hit shows for Liza Minelli & Goldie Hawn & others
As a writer and producer For Absolute Awesome Radio Shows,
And his own jingle company "Absolute Awesome" Advertising;
He's provided Absolute Awesome Award Winning Voice-overs! 
PANDAMAN's impressions,
 skits, stories, songs and/or shows, have been shared in theaters, halls, nite-spots, comedy clubs, and "nearly every type of venue there is!" He's been on TV, Radio and film with Melanie Griffith, Gene Hackman & other big stars!!!

Since the 1980's and today, The Pandaman® Clan still features
PANDAMAN® - "The Original" The Storytelling Clown aka
"The Pandaman of Pennsylvania" (aka P.O.P.!) And, his 2 sons (Stephano & Stephen) aka "The Pandaman® Twins!"
Check Em All Out Over At PANDAMAN PALACE!
With changes in costume and voice and "many hats & accents," PANDAMAN is a multi-talented writer/performer/producer. 
In his "Absolute Awesome" Shows, he's a multicultural MC, 
Storytelling Clown, Acousti-Classic Rock-n-Folk Guitarist...
A Singing Impressionist & Acousti-Country Singer Songwriter; With Absolute Awesome Originals "Guaranteed to Please!"


Some Personal History:
After auditioning for "Lead Role" of Jesus Christ Superstar
(Toby's Dinner Theater in Columbia MD.), The whole place had "Lit Lighters!" Sadly, b/c of a nasty flare up from military injuries He had to forfeit and "Just Miss Out on "The Lead Role" and, as "An Understudy For Ted Neely! (Jesus Christ Superstar) "Ackkk!"

PANDAMAN has a 4 oct range & Awesome Country Songs! And, with his musical drumming roots, he occasionally adds a little bit of a percussive strumming style to some of his songs which, kina adds a "dynamic sound with flavor that "flows & rocks out" which
"Can Really Help Folks Get Their Groove On!"

However, he really doesn't think much of his guitar playing. Especially when compared to pickers like Vince Gill & others whom, really know how to pick a guitar! He says he's just really happy to share some of his "Country Rock-n-Folk Songs"... Especially For "All Of You Country Rockin Folks!" 

This will take place over at "PANDAMAN PALACE Theater!"
"The Place To Go For  Some PANDAMAN Original Samples Awesome Tributes & Absolute Awesome Impressions!
Stop on by each Christmas to see what we've added!
Because "Absolute Awesomeness Is Coming!"
And hopefully PANDAMAN Will Continue...

Don't Forget - "FREE"
"The Absolute Awesome Entertainment Castle!

Brought To You By...
"Absolute Awesome Entertainment"...
" The Absolute Awesomest" ~In~ "Absolute Awesomeness!"
Bringing You The Best Tributes Anywhere! Coming Soon

PANDAMAN® was created for several reasons...
But a couple of these reasons were for the following...
1) To offer songs & stories that could help folks feel good!
2) To offer some of this entertainment online and to use a nice portion of the proceeds to "HELP SAVE THE PANDA!"

The Reason for Pandaman's Panda Passion?
It's not just because of how "Adorable" they are'
 But, also, b/c of what he discovered decades ago!
Which, is Very Important & Very Special About
The Colors Of The Panda!...

 Are Black, White, Brown, Yellow & Red!
These Are "The Colors Of All Our Races!"
And, They All Blend So Beautifully Together!
This Is Truly, "Something We Can All Learn From!"

My Wish...
All Of Us Living In Peace & Harmony...
And Simply Just Being Able To Get Along...
And To Blend Like..."The Colors of The Panda!"

Please help to save this Awesomely Adorable Rare Bear! Maybe you'd like to adopt one? Or... maybe just make a "small donation" To The World Wildlife Fund? Thank You For Your Interests!















        Wish I Had a PANDA :((

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