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Theater News

Hello & Welcome To "THEATER NEWS!" DEC 2016!
Welp, as they say... It's another year gone by and another New Year Ahead! 
But as far as 2016? It Just Was Not Too Good For Pandaman And The Pandaman Clan! 
I mean, it all started off ok, as we were able to make our 1st Christmas video. But The New Year Came and,
The 'chronic cough' came back "like Arnold!" So I couldn't sing & talk 'for months' w/out coughing, which,  
stopped things from happening. And now, I get the voice back, but dad passes away several weeks ago :(( 
It is at least comforting to know he was a Christian and is in heaven and isn't suffering and, is no longer missing his wife & daughter who recently passed before him (sis,mom & now dad in just 3 years-WTH?)...
Well, as many know, it's just not an easy thing to deal with when our loved ones are taken away from us!
But God is Good & God Is Great and as we know "death is part of the journey we all must accept!"
So, I'm sorry the showcases aren't as large as I'd like them to be to start off this year! But They Will Be!

"The Good News" Is that "I Can Sing Again!" And, we have a Double Tribute To Styx "In ACT III!" 
This Is Just One Of "Many Awesome Tributes To Come!"  So Keep Comin Back For Awesome Tributes!
A Christmas Video (w/a surprise ending & special guests) is "In ACT V" - The Ho Ho Ho Bonus Show!
Please Note: Volume Is Low! So "Turn Up!" But Remember To Turn Back Down! Sorry for inconvenience!
The soundtrack is from the 1st Christmas Show I Ever Sang In! It's About "The Reason For The Season!"
There's a New "Multi-Song Classic Showcase "In ACT I" This Features Hits From The 60's & 70s! 
Of course, I know there's "Lots of Folks" who are going to be busy shopping & "wrapping gifts" etc. which,
as we all know, can be overwhelming w/the hustle & bustle during the holiday season! Aside from all that hustle & bustle of getting everything together for the occasion, there's all those "Wonderful Events" that we all love to enjoy around The Christmas & New Year Holiday Celebration! And, I admit, I love many of these!
And I know some of these events can be some of our favorite reasons for the holiday season! For some...
It's waking up the kids and watching them open up their presents from underneath the tree.
And there's decorating the tree and the house w/lights, and seeing the beautiful lights others have displayed. And, there's watching & enjoying our Favorite Christmas Shows and/or maybe even going to see one live!
Or, maybe seeing our kids in a Christmas show or recital, or going to church for a service & to hear a choir! And of course there's listening to our "Favorite Christmas Songs"  (that I too, can't wait to share w/yooou!). And we certainly can't forget the "Yummy Food" we look forward to eating during Christmas & New Years!
And, I'm sure for many, it's just being w/family and friends to celebrate! And, I guess there'll also be those who love their Egg Nog! And who knows what else - which I guess also can lead to being tipsy or drunk!
So Please Drink Responsibly! And Have A Merry Happy & "Safe" Holiday! And Let's All Remember...
The Reason For The Season! You Know, "BABY JESUS!"
 (Yeah I know - He's Much Older Now Ha! ;))

As far as Next Year's Show? This will be to work on ACTs III & V! ACT II, will be a little further behind,
b/c, they're going to be "PANDAMAN ORIGINALS!" We still have a lot to do in the audio studio for those.
However... Once we add a nice assortment of Classic Rock Tributes to put in "The Classic Rock Show" and,
Once Pandaman shares one of his Awesome Adventures with more Awesome Tributes & Impressions and,
Once we've added some more tributes to our Ed Sullivan Showcase - "The Really Big Shew" and,
Once The P.C. Gets Together To Share Some Awesome Christmas Songs & Carols?
We'll Have "Several" Awesome Shows To Enjoy!" Until Then...
We Just Have To Build Em For Ya! ;)

And on That note...
I'd also like to mention that, it's largely b/c of "YOU" - who not only keep clicking on the websites but who have hung in there with me since way back in my old band days and radio show days, which has not only helped me want to stick around, but to stay encouraged & motivated "To Bring Ya More Awesomeness!"
So "I Do Thank You!" And if The Good Lord Keeps Me Around long enough... I PROMISE YOU...
I'm Gonna Build Yawl The Awesomest Vocal Tribute Show You've Ever Heard Before By One Person!
(Well, PANDAMAN & The Pandaman Twins - Aka The Pandaman Clan or The P.C.! ;))
And that's What We're All About! Not to mention - No Covers! No Travel!

So Visit The Castle... For Awesome Showcases...
We'll Build The Shows and "Put Smiles On Your Faces!

"Thanks Again For Your Patience & Support!" And Until Next Year... 
Happy Holidays My Friend! ~ PANDAMAN ;)  

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