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 <title>Pandaman - "Absolute  Awesome" Entertainment</title> <title>"Awesome Entertainment" by PANDAMAN - "Master of Voice-O-Nality" - "Absolute Awesome" Entertainment</title> 
Welcome To The Wonderful World Of.. "Awesome Entertainment" By PANDAMAN - "Master of Voice-o-nality"

The "Absolute Awesome" ~ "Entertainment Castle"

"An Awesome Medieval Castle"
"W/Night Club, Coffee House, Theater Combo"}

PANDAMAN PALACE: The Absolute Awesome Entertainment Castle Featuring: "Award Winning" Impressions & Tributes by Hal...

"Awesome {Castle} Entertainment"
 {"Fit For A King & Queen"}

How Do I Get Into
The Theater?

1) Click On The "Magic Door" To Enter Into The Castle Lobby!
2) Scroll Down a bit & click on "Pandaman Palace Theater" Link
{At The Bottom Of The Page!} Just a One and a Two - Is All
Ya Need Do!

Shows Like Ours, With Lights & Great Sound... And Music & Comedy & Even a Clown?
W/Impressions & Storys & All That There? It's Usually Not Cheap! And Usually Is RARE!
But "No Need To Worry" or travel you see... As Pandaman Palace Will Always Be FREE!!

Because Pandaman Says
No Contracts... No Fees... No Monthly or Yearly Dues!
Just "Castle Entertainment" For "Free" To All Of Yooous!
Featuring: Award Winning Tributes By Hall Of Famer PANDAMAN (And the Pandaman Clan!) And FREE Upcoming Holiday Show!

Please Note:
Due to family members passing (one each year for the last three years) :(
(And just a bunch of things going wrong), it's been a slow start for us at the castle.  
However, we have launched some tributes into ACTS I, II & III of our upcoming showcases!

 What's Next?
After a few more tributes are posted in ACT III, we'll start working on ACT IV & ACT V!
Then, we'll start working on some of those PANDAMAN ("A.C.E.") Originals for ACT II!    
After all the showcases are rolling, and we have some Original Samples, we'll do some live music. "Please Just Be Patient" Ok?

Visit Us In The Theater...  For Some Awesome Showcases.
We'll Build The Shows...  And Put Smiles On Your Faces!
And Stop Back Each "Christmas" To See What Is New...
Till Then...  May The "Voice-o-nality" Be With You!   
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